First Hyundai is a family-owned dealership in North Attleboro, MA. We are looking for a certified Hyundai technician to join our dealership. We are an old-fashioned establishment, which means we treat our employees like people and aim to provide a great experience for our customers and workers alike. We offer top-dollar wages for this position, and we take pride in having a wonderful workplace environment, and we hope you will want to work for us.

First Hyundai: Where We Put People First

Whether you visit us from Seekonk to buy a car or you work for us, at First Hyundai we always put people first. This principle is why we have been successful for years at serving the local community, providing outstanding cars and great service.

Get a Job in North Attleboro, MA

If you are a certified Hyundai technician in Milford, working at First Hyundai is a fantastic option. In addition to paying competitive salaries, we also excellent benefits and an environment that you will look forward to working in. If you need a job and meet our qualifications, then you should apply today.

What We are Looking For

First Hyundai is a fast-growing company, so we need a technician who is ready to handle the rigors of working for a busy dealership's Service Center. We believe in offering employees plenty of chances to grow professionally, so if you work hard and take pride in achievement you will thrive at First Hyundai.

Apply to Work at First Hyundai Today

If you live near Mansfield and you think that First Hyundai sounds like a great place for you to work, then you should apply! We are looking forward to receiving your application and talking to you. To learn more about this job opportunity, contact us!

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